Welcome to my little book blog.  I'm new here, but I read ALOT, which you can probably tell from my bookshelves.  This is my first actual blog post, since I don't normally do that either.  When I'm not working as a software developer or going to Grad school (for a masters in criminology), I read.  Ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, you name it, I read it.  The genres I read are all over the place to: scifi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror, romance, chick lit, history, and pretty much anything that interests me or sounds interesting from the publishers blurb.  


Alright, now for the shameless plug for my friend's book:  One of my friend's that I grew up with and also went to college with wrote his first book a while back and is working on the second one.  I found the first one very amusing.  It's available on Amazon and called: 

How to Survive the Stabbing Weasels (and Other True Stories) Kindle Edition

by Nathan Waldrip (Author)
How to Survive the Stabbing Weasels is a collection of hilarious and inspirational stories of dealing with and overcoming adversity. While in college, the author was diagnosed with a neurological condition and multiple brain tumors that left him deaf. He finished college to become a teacher and coach.
He doesn't mention me by name, but I am one of his former transcribers in several college classes that we took together.  Great fun!
Alright, wrapping this up for now.  Seems pretty good for a first ever blog post.